Steel Buildings / Ware House

A prefabricated steel warehouse is extremely secure and is preferred by a number of industries as a holding area to store materials, products and machinery. These warehouses are extremely easy to install, but are structurally viable to function as a secure holding space. At Chicago Steel Contracting, we design and fabricate steel warehouses manufactured form some of the best steel beams available in the markets. Our technicians and engineers are capable of designing warehouses that conform to modern standards, with enough pre-planning, which helps us achieve our design goals with ease. We take into account various factors, such as the exact purpose of the warehouse, the location and the size/ dimensions required in order to design an appropriate warehouse. While the building is being fabricated in our warehouses, our site engineers take care to prepare the site for easy installation. Apart from fabricating, we also help to install the warehouse, and we take care to adhere to all local building codes.

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